Residency and Performances, Summer 2012

Les Inéluctables” is a collective project gathering several choreographic artists under the artistic direction of Florence Augendre. Artists from international background, based and developing their work in Belgium for many years, who are interested in creating cultural bridges and artistic cooperation within and outside the country.

Juan Benitez (ES),  Eleanor Campbell (Australia), Ian Garside (UK), 

Nelle Hens (BE), Dorothé Depeauw (BE),

Ana Cristina Veslasquez (Colombia/NL), Jean-Marc Serrano ( Spain) and Florence Augendre (FR/BE) are invited to form a residence in Cultural Center of Cap Vermell-Cala Ratjada and will be researching and performing together and in association with The Quanta Art Project / Jean-Marc Serrano Deladoey (ES) at the Festival for the Summer Edition 2012.

During the residency process, the artists will confront, face and question their research upon social, existential and theological themes and issues. The question of identity both as an individual asset and as a collective one will be a central axis in this research.

On the venues of the 28th of July and of the 4th of August, the audience will be able to discover their work in progress through a performance based on spontaneous composition and inspired by the thin boundaries between fiction and reality, desire and dream, strength and vulnerability.

Auditorium Cap Vermell, Cala Ratjada – Mallorca 

Saturday 28th July and Saturday 4th August at 8:00pm

after a 40mn indoor performance Les Inéluctables will take the audience on a outdoor “in situ” experience.

Participation: 6 euros, free for -16 years old


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