Nelle Hens

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Nelle Hens (born 1985) graduated in 2006 in Dance, with an option on choreography, from the Higher Institute of Dance (HID)/ Artesis and in 2011 from SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.

She worked with several artists such as Trisha Brown (Documenta XII), Kendell Geers, Diego Gill, Florence Augendre, Lilach Livne, Martin Kilvady, John Bohannon/ Black Label Movement (TEDx Brussels) and Davis Freeman. Currently she is working with Troubleyn/ Jan Fabre.

As a creating dancer/performer she has a strong interest in interdisciplinary and cross over projects and created several own creations, such as ‘Would you buy us?!’ 2009, ‘ReCall’ 2010 and ‘Outside Forces’ 2011. Since summer 2011 Nelle is working with composer Joris Blanckaert on ‘My body,My instrument series’ and Ma’ayan Choresh (Global Dancing).

In 2003 she met Florence Augendre in her study in the Higher Institute of Dance (HID/Artesis Antwerpen, Belgium) and has been following her since. During her promotion in 2006, she performed in the group piece ‘Deep Surface’ of Florence Augendre and in 2011 she reincarnated ‘D.A.F. prod Series, Aurore Pascaline‘ as her graduation solo in SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Austria), a solo originally performed and created by Florence in 2003. Nelle continues to share her interest on BMC, Fasciapulsology and composition with Florence Augendre in different artistic collaborations, workshops and residencies. (Summer Studios of PARTS, Belgium – 2009, 2010, 2011).

Nelle Hens is a member of Chez Georges, working place for artists, Brussels.


Nelle HENS in “Aurore, Pascaline”, restage of “D.A.F. prod Series, Aurore Pascaline”  by Florence Augendre. Pictures, Nelle Hens & Zoilly Molnar.

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