Juan Benitez

Born in Las Palmas of Gran Canary, Spain, Residents in Belgium


To create whit Carmelo Fernández the dance company Elojodelafaraona in 1998, and produce, interpret this pieces:

Do hens think?” (1998), “de cuando el hambre…” (1997/8) “Maybe Tomorrow” (1999), “La bodega de los feos” (2001), “Identidades” Mediafest (2002).


Work as dancer interpreter whit:

Erika Zueneli, “Tornous” (2010)

Koen Augustijnen, “Import Export” Les Ballets C. dela B.(2006/08)

Erika Zueneli, “Partita–s“ (2005)

Michéle Noiret, “Territoires Intimes” (2004) ;

Yves Mora “Mona XY” (2004);

Rasmus Ölme & Max Cucarro “L’art de la fuite” (2003);

Mónica Valenciano, “Disparate nº6” (2000,-02);

Karine Ponties “Brucelles” (2000);

Clapso Producciones “Marea” (1997).


Study classic and contemporary dance in Las Palmas, Madrid, Barcelona and Brussels whit Maria Eulate,(Classic) Mónica Valenciano, Olga Mesa, Carmelo Salazar,( Research Movement, release and improvisation) Mercedes Boronat, (Cunningham and research). Benoit Lachambre, Rasmus Olme, Iñaki Azpillaga. Max Cuccaro. (Workshop) and Florence Augendre ( Body-Mind Centering).

Teachers Training Yoga B.K.S. Iyengar, Brussels. 2010/2013.

Academy of fine art Gailliard, drawing and art history, Brussels



Individual work

Zurdo” solo (2002)

Tres Tratos“ single 2005/2006

Open Construction” single of search 2009/10.



Contact: Juan Benítez.

Rue Garibaldi, nº 74- dp.1060, Brussels Belgium.Tel: (0032) 498 623 239

E-mail: juanbenitez75@hotmail.com

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