Ana Cristina Velasquez

Ana Cristina Velasquez ( COL ) is a contemporary dancer and performer. She started dancing at the age of 17 by joining a Folkloric Dance Company in Colombia. After quitting her studies at the faculty of Environmental Engineering she moved to Paris in 1998. That same year she enrolled at the Fontys Hogeschoolen Dansacademie in The Netherlands where she obtained a diploma in Contemporary Dance.

In 2003 she moved to Brussels which became her basis as a free-lancer, a place where performances, workshops, daily professional classes and encounters with different choreographers, directors and visual artists have been crucial and inspiring throughout her career.

She has worked a.o. with Stefan Dreher, George Appaix , Sasha Waltz&Guests, Ayelen Parolin, Louise Vanneste, Kristian Smeds, Ari Numinnen and Romeo Castellucci.

She is currently working with Canadian choreographer Ula Sickle as well as on her own research supported by WorkspaceBrussels.

In her own work the residency at the Mobile Institute (Brussels)  in 2006 occupies an important place. There  she created together with actor Michiel Albers the performance installation ¨Rendez-vous¨ and  the video series ¨Royal Institute¨ with visual artist Eléonore Saintagnan.

In 2009 she met Florence Augendre, a crucial encounter in her development as a dancer and performer. Since then she has been following her workshops and classes in BMC/ Principles of Fasciapulsology and Composition. Florence’s initiative to set up an artistic collaboration with other dancers took shape in 2011 during a first residency at the Summerstudios in P.A.R.T.S..


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