Les Ineluctables — What is it?

This project is mainly the gathering of several choreographic artists under the artistic direction of Florence Augendre. Artists from international background, based and developing their work in Belgium for many years, who are interested in creating cultural bridges and artistic cooperation within and outside the country.

Juan Benitez (ES), Eleanor Campbell (Australia) Nelle Hens (BE), Dorothé Depeauw (BE), Ana Cristina Velasquez (Colombia/NL) and Florence Augendre (FR/BE), Jean-Marc Serrano (ES)are invited to a residence in Cultural Center of Cap Vermell-Cala Ratjada in Mallorca-Spain and will be performing their project “Les Inéluctables” together with The Quanta Art Project / Jean-Marc Serrano Deladoey at the Festival de Les Arts al Càrrer de Capdepera 2012.

The residency will take place from the 16th of July until the 4th of August 2012.

Two performances of the choreographic project are planned for the 28th of July and for the 3rd/or 4th of August.

After having performed for several years in diverse contexts and created various art works, Florence A. needed to take over some studies and engaged in the research of the Body and its dance. She obtained a certificate in Anatomy and Physiology and through her practices of Body-Mind centering and Fasciapulsology (mobility and integration of the connective tissues), she managed to give it a very concrete application in the dance training as much as in the activation of the dance creativity.

Throughout the years she was developing her research, she encountered many different artists, dancers, to whom she taught or with whom she invested laboratories.

Among them, some of those artists-dancers, deeply engaged in Florence’s research, but also where able to take some of this work into their own.

To develop an artistic language requires engagement, experimentation, consistency and, exchange and communication.

These are the different fields of activity, Florence got to challenge with each of her fellows in very diverse contexts.

This new residency comes as a great opportunity to finally, after several years, gather those of these artists who helped, inspired and grow throw the research.

In 2003, Florence met Nelle Hens and Dorothé Depeauw in the Hoge Instituut voor Dans (HID-Antwerpen). Both took part  in “Deep Surface” choreographic piece signed by Florence in 2005.

Last year in 2011, Nelle Hens restaged “D.A.F. prod Series, Aurore Pascaline”, a solo originally created and performed by Florence in 2003.

In 2006, and 2011 Dorothé Depeauw took part respectively in” Minor Changes” a workshop experimentation during Summer residencies, and was part of the  Spring workshop edition at Les Ballets C de la B- Gent.

The last three years, Ana Cristina Velasquez and Juan Benitez took part in many workshops and together with Nelle Hens participated to “Play-Out II, Experiment” a research and methodology for choreographic performing and art form, during the latest residency (Summer Studios 2011, Parts & Rosas)

Also, last year, Florence was invited by Eleanor Campbell to create and choreograph for her a solo form. Their collaboration led to “Within a Day”, a choreographic solo portrait of Campbell.

In July and October 2011, Florence was invited by Jean-Marc Serrano Deladoey, an artist and choreographer based in Mallorca-Spain, to lead a workshop there.

Therefore, as a continuation and development of their artistic accountancies, this residency at Cultural Center Cap Vermell and invitation of Pere Cortada to be part of the Capdepera Festival will enable the collective project to evolve from experimental methodology to visible choreographic research process and live performance.

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